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Accuscan 3D Inspection and Quality Control

Accuscan 3D Inspection and Quality Control

3D inspection services from Accuscan can quickly compare high-quality scan data to CAD using our specialized metrology software.

Accuscan 3D Precision Scanning for Quality Control & InspectionThis part-to-CAD inspection is one of the fastest inspection methods available to QA/QC professionals.

The accuracy and high resolution of our Artec Spider blue laser scanner makes it the perfect tool for quality inspection and quality control. It quickly and precisely captures the intricate 3D form of entire small objects or the complex details of larger objects.

Our scanners recreate every part of an object, from sharp edges to the geometry of a surface, and every tiny detail in between. The resulting 3D model can be superimposed onto the original 3D CAD design, allowing a detailed comparison between the “as made” and “as designed” models. This is a fast and efficient way to ensure that there are no faults in a part before, during or after production.

  • Custom measurement reports
  • Fast accuracy checks
  • Deviation Analytics
  • Efficient verification tool for design improvements
  • Legacy parts CAD for part-to-CAD inspection of future iterations of the part, product, or assembly.

Accuscan 3D Precision Scanning for CAD Inspection

After we post-processes the captured cloud point data, fusing it into a highly accurate polygon mesh representation of the original scanned object, we export the model into our deviation analysis software. With the 3D Scan and original 3D CAD model overlayed we can directly draw a comparison between them, measuring any variations within a given tolerance, and producing a clear and definitive deviation map.

This map can be utilised as tool to immediately conclude whether a part has any defects, is accurate to the original model ,and verify the compliance of the manufactured part’s quality.

Accuscan 3D Precision Scanning for Inspection Analysis

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    Our Artec Spider 3D Scanners

    ACCURACY: 0.05 MM
    Capable of capturing highly accurate 3D scans of small items or sections of larger items.

    Precisely detects the geometry of the part being scanned, even capable of  capturing your fingerprint.

    This is a non contact scanner, making it safe to use on delicate items.

    Our lightweight scanner is fully portable, meaning we can scan basically anywhere.

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