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Accuscan 3D Precision Scanning Design & Manufacturing PrototypingBy lowering  the cost of Quality and speeding up time to market, AccuScan's high-precision 3D scanning inspection systems with metrology-grade accuracy have helped customers successfully complete their most complex inspection, analysis, and reverse engineering projects.

Accuscan 3D Precision Scanning Design & Manufacturing CAD ConversionThanks to their high precision, AccuScan's 3D scanners have a wide range of applications in industrial design and manufacturing. Commonly used during various stages of product design development and implementation, these powerful 3D scanning tools significantly speed up the workflow, making it easier to get the required object data and create customised automated capturing solutions.


Our scanners are perfect for reverse engineering and quality control.  

For industrial engineering, our 3D scanners are used for capturing small objects and complex geometry with the highest precision, and we are also capable of scanning larger objects with both speed and accuracy without the requirement to stick targets on the object.

Seamless export of the 3D models to a variety of widely used CAD and CAM programs allows us to conduct a large variety of tests for quality control, acquire necessary measurements and other data for reverse engineering, object integration and more. 

Accuscan 3D Precision Scanning Design & Manufacturing CAD Prototyping


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    Our Artec Spider 3D Scanners

    ACCURACY: 0.05 MM
    Capable of capturing highly accurate 3D scans of small items or sections of larger items.

    Precisely detects the geometry of the part being scanned, even capable of  capturing your fingerprint.

    This is a non contact scanner, making it safe to use on delicate items.

    Our lightweight scanner is fully portable, meaning we can scan basically anywhere.

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